Computational Fluid Dynamics

The following codes are developed by me and my collaborators. If you have any comments or suggestions, then please email me.


    • fvm: A vertex-based finite volume method for compressible euler equations with Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model.
    • euler2d: 2-D inviscid flow/adjoint solver: euler2d is a 2-D inviscid flow and adjoint solver which uses finite volume method on triangular grids.
    • flo2d: A 2-D inviscid and viscous solver which is under development during my spare time. It is a continuation of euler2d.
    • Nuwtun: A 2D/3D flow solver on multi-block structured grids. Adjoint solver is under development, see sample result here.
    • Num3Sis: A 3D, parallel, unstructured grid flow solver with many models. This may be released under some open source license in the near future.

Smaller codes

This is a collection of small codes that I have written to make my job easy. You can download whatever you want; if you want to download all the code then use the following svn command:

svn co 
    • dpl2amdba: Convert a dpl file generated by delaundo into amdba format.
    • showamdba: Visualize a grid file in amdba format using vigie.
    • showpts: Visualize a pts file of delaundo using gnuplot.
    • naca45: Generate NACA 4 and 5 digit airfoils in various formats for grid generation.
    • dgfem: 1-D DGFEM code for inviscid, compressible flow. Get all the code using svn
    • svn co
    • MDS: Multi-directional search algorithm of Virginia Torczon. This is a simplex method which operates without derivatives and is easily parallelizable. For an excellent discussion and convergence proof, see thePhD thesis of Torczon.