nek5000 is a spectral element code for solving 2-d and 3-d incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.


  1. rea file
  2. Parameters
  3. Boundary conditions
  4. Logical switches
  5. usr file


I have setup some of my examples for nek5000 which are available on google code. You can obtain all the examples from svn

svn checkout nek5000

Most of the examples have a README file which gives some explanation on how to run the example.

2-d Examples

    1. Roll up of 2-D shear layer (shear4)
    2. Cylinder inside a channel (cyl_turek)
    3. Vortex dipole impinging on a wall (vortex_dipole)
    4. Vortex dipole impinging on a wall (vortex_dipole_clercx)
    5. Triangular bump (tri_bump)

3-d Examples

    1. Taylor-Green vortex (taylor_green_3d)

Examples in nek5000

These examples are included in the nek5000 distribution.

    1. taylor: This is 2-D flow inside an annular region for which exact solution is available.
    2. ext_cyl: Flow around a cylinder
    3. rayleigh: 2-D Rayleigh-Benard convection