taylor: Flow inside rotating annulus

Here are the steps to run this example.

cp ~/Applications/nek5_svn/trunk/nek/makenek .
makenek taylor
nekb taylor

The output goes into taylor.log file which can be queried for some things. You can see the error in maximum and L2 norms. The columns contains iteration, time, max error in u, max error in v and L2 error.

grep err taylor.log |tail -n5
    9996  1.999200E+01  3.608475E-10  3.610630E-10  2.826284E-10 err
    9997  1.999400E+01  3.608474E-10  3.610631E-10  2.826284E-10 err
    9998  1.999600E+01  3.608473E-10  3.610632E-10  2.826284E-10 err
    9999  1.999800E+01  3.608475E-10  3.610629E-10  2.826284E-10 err
   10000  2.000000E+01  3.608475E-10  3.610630E-10  2.826284E-10 err

To see the results, do

visnek taylor

and open the taylor.nek5000 file in visit.