Living in Sophia Antipolis

Sophia Antipolis is a technology park located in the French Riviera. See the [[|map of Sophia]] on google.


  * Residence St. Exupery

  * Residence Universitaire des Dolines

  * Residence Oxford

  * Nimea

Many properties for rent are listed in this discussion forum:

For more information on Real Estate & Property, see:

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And apartments to rent


If you stay or work in Sophia and don't have a car, then your only option for travelling is to take the bus. [[|Envibus]] runs several lines connecting Sophia to surrounding places like Antibes, Valbonne, Biot, etc. You can download the timetables from their website. To travel to/from Nice you will take the Sophia Express 230 which is run by TAM, but only on weekdays. On weekends there are few bus running and you have to be careful not to miss. On saturdays it is not so bad but on sundays, you get only No. 1 and No. 9 to go to Antibes. From Antibes you can take a bus or train to wherever you want to go and the connectivity is good even on weekends. Bus No. 200 runs quite frequently between Cannes-Antibes-Nice even on weekends but it is slow as it stops at many places. Train is faster but costlier. There is the [[|SNCF]] which runs long distance trains and [[|TER]] which is more of a local train. Check the times on their websites and be warned of occasional strikes and cancellations. The nearest airport is in Nice and is connected to Sophia by Sophia Express; but not all of them will go to the terminal, so ask the driver before boarding the Sophia Express.

For bus information inside Nice, see this website:

For travel information in Cote d'Azur:

Lines run by TAM including Sophia Express (No. 230):

You can buy weekly/monthly/yearly pass for the bus at any of the main bus stands. If you take the bus everyday to work then you should buy a pass. To get the pass for the Sophia Express, you have to give some proof that you work in Sophia and reside in Nice.

===Taxis in Sophia===

  * [[|Taxi Fauvet]]

  * [[|More taxi numbers]]


You will probably do most of your regular shopping at Carrefour in Antibes. There is a small Casino shop in Garbejaire but it is a bit expensive. Still it is good to know where it is in case of emergency. NO SHOPS ARE OPEN ON SUNDAY except for some bakeries which open for some time in the morning.

A new service for selling fruits and vegetables has been started. You can place orders online and collect them yourself

====Indian food====

  * [[,7120739,10564472224538045621&li=lmd&ll=43.58322,7.120728&spn=0.02145,0.027809&z=15&iwloc=A&om=1|Les Comptoirs de l'Asie et des Indes]]: They have a lot of Indian stuff. Must visit. In Antibes, close to Place de Gaulle.

  * Ile de Ceylan: Sri Lankan-owned general food store in Vieux Nice. Supplies authentic Indian spices (ground or whole), herbs and pastes, chutneys, teas, rices and other ingredients. At 17 rue Benoit Bunico, off Place Rosetti, Nice. Open 10:00 to midnight, daily.

  * Geoffrey's of London: In Antibes

  * Curry Invasion: Quoted from their website, ''We will deliver the BEST frozen curries straight to your door in France - all for the same price as a takeaway in the UK!!!!!''

====Clothes, etc.====

  * Check out the shops in Villeneuve Loubet, you may get good price there.

  * Bit more fashionable, go to Cap 3000 near Nice airport. Some of the bus 200 goes there.

  * For books, electronics, music, computers, check out FNAC in Nice

  * For sports, go to Decathlon in Antibes.

=====Eating out=====

  * Shalimar:

  * Nooris Restaurant:

  * Delhi Belhi:

  * Indian Lounge: 34, rue Droite 06000 Nice

  * [[|List of Indian Restaurants]]

  * Rice Bar: Rice, Rice and more Rice. They speak English and have vegetarian dishes also. At 1, Rue de Bains, Antibes.

=====Activities and other links=====

  * Nice webcam:

  * Travel guide:

  * Trekking: There are numerous places where you can go hiking, check out

  * Sports: You can play tennis and some other sports behind Garbejaire. There is also the Sophia Country Club and the St. Phillippe Golf course. Some Indians play cricket also, check their website to meetup with them

  * Cinema:

  * Library:

  * [[|List of events in Cote d'Azur]]

  * Website of local government with lot of information:

  * Another website with lots of info include Cinema:

  * AngloInfo: Life on the C√¥te d'Azur, in English!

  * Weather: Its a good idea to check the weather forecast everyday. It can change rather fast. [[|Meteo France]], [[|France 3]], [[|Antibes]], [[|Nice]], [[|Valbonne]]

  * Public phone booths in France do not accept money, you have to use a pre-paid calling card or your credit card. For calling to India, the "Euro Latina" card is very good; you have to use it from a fixed phone (not a public phone).

  * Orkut group [[|Indians in Sophia Antipolis]]

  * Maps

    * [[|Google maps]]

    * [[|Mappy]]

    * [[|Geoportail]]

  * Riviera Radio: An English FM channel from Monaco, you can also listen to it on the internet

  * [[]]

  * [[]]

  * [[]]

  * [[ | GR5 trail information]]

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