DG codes using deal.II

I have implemented discontinuous Taylor basis functions as FE_DGT which you can obtain here. See the README file for instructions. At present these are not orthogonal basis functions. This space is used in some of the examples below.

These are small codes implementing DG method.

    1. 1d_scalar_lagrange: Periodic solution using RKDG, Lagrange basis functions (TODO: TVB limiter)
    2. 1d_scalar_legendre: Periodic solution using RKDG, Legendre basis functions (TODO: weno limiter)
    3. 1d_scalar_taylor: Periodic solution using RKDG, Taylor basis functions (TODO: weno limiter)
    4. 2d_scalar_steady: Computes steady state solution using RKDG, gradient-based grid adaptation (TODO: artificial viscosity)
    5. 2d_scalar_unsteady_lagrange: Computes unsteady solution (TODO: artificial viscosity, grid adaptation)
    6. 2d_scalar_unsteady_legendre: Computes unsteady solution, TVB limiter
    7. 2d_scalar_unsteady_taylor: Computes unsteady solution (TODO: weno limiter)